Meet the Team
Matt Bower
Co-founder & Managing Director
Matt Bower has over 15 years of extensive experience in Property Investing, Mortgage Finance, Property Acquisitions, Senior Personal Banking and Business Development with one of the major banks. Having licenses and qualifications across Mortgage Residential Finance and Real Estate Matt delivers a thorough and simple understanding of Property Wealth Planning, Finance Strategy, industry regulation and market trends. 

Matt has successfully guided hundreds of everyday Australians from all backgrounds to secure and build profitable property portfolios. A seasoned personal property investor himself owning property in VIC, NSW and QLD he has been involved in 1000’s of client property transactions across multiple markets using numerous strategies with an accumulated value of over $370 million.

He applies and teaches a system of financial intelligence combined with Rich Habits and advanced Property Planning & Finance Strategies that integrated with the right formula ensures positive results for your multiple property portfolio. He encourages and urges people to just take action. 

Outside of his career passion of Property, Matt is a dedicated supporter of his family including 2 teenagers who are involved in Basketball, AFL, Netball and Cheerleading. A lover of fine food Thai & Seafood, organic produce, boutique craft beer and fine wine. Keeping fit playing touch rugby, running, gym and tragically average golf. 

Tony Melvin
Tony Melvin is best-selling author of 7 books on the subjects of finance and business, including his latest Rich Habits

While Tony is a successful business man and investor, he considers himself first and foremost an educator. Considered by many an authority on finance matters, Tony is regularly interviewed and quoted in the press. As a result, Tony is a sought-after speaker.

Today, Tony is focusing his energy on educating people about the Rich Habits and implementing its common-sense methods through NIA. He believes that everyone can truly prosper with the right knowledge and skills.

When he's not writing or teaching, Tony spends time with his family, including 3 home-schooled children.   
Oisín Grogan
Oisin was born in Ireland and came to Australia as a young fellow. That’s why the unusual name (pronounced Oh-sheen).

Oisin has built several successful businesses in many industries such as manufacturing, services and property.

After 20 years of working with organisations in over 50 industries, Oisin created the Vwork (Valuable Work) Hiring & Productivity System. The key to success in all areas of life is producing value for self and others. In any organisation the most important flow of value is to its clients. 

As a result he's not only an in-demand business growth specialist, he also heads up the establishment of NIA.

Oisin is a singer-songwriter who plays guitar and his favourite instrument, the piano. Married with 3 teenage girls who also are musicians and singers (and trouble!).

He also regularly delivers free seminars and workshops to help people achieve their goals and be more prosperous.

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